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Strict Biz Promotion Debut Professional Boxing Event November 4th, 2023 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club, Newark, DE

Strict Biz Promotions, Delaware’s New Boxing Promotion, Premier set for November 4th, 2023

Strict Biz Promotions, Delaware Pro Boxing Promotion

In a thrilling development within the world of boxing, Strict Biz Promotions is set to make a grand entrance. With the unveiling of our boxing schedule, anticipation runs high for the debut of this groundbreaking promotion, an event that promises to shine a spotlight on exceptional talent and possibly launch the career of a future boxing sensation.

The birth of a new Boxing Promotion

Strict Biz Promotions, a collaborative effort led by the esteemed Greg Pritchett and Rashad Brown, both renowned figures within the local boxing community, is gearing up for its much-anticipated premiere on November 4th, 2023. These two individuals have dedicated decades to nurturing fighters, both physically and mentally. They stand as community leaders and unwavering advocates for boxers, and together, they’ve established a promotion that’s truly “by fighters, for fighters.” Their primary mission is to invigorate the local sports scene and create fresh avenues for budding professional boxers.

The genesis of Strict Biz Promotions can be traced back to a recognition that opportunities for professional boxing in our region were limited. Fueled by a desire to empower these athletes and provide them with a platform to shine, Pritchett emphasizes that fans can expect a surge in high-quality fights that will give local boxers a chance to prove their mettle. Mark your calendars for November 4th, 2023, when Strict Biz Promotions makes its electrifying debut.

But it doesn’t stop there; Strict Biz’s boxing schedule is nothing short of impressive. We’re set to introduce two new professional fighters, both ready to embark on their own professional journeys, highlighting the necessity for a promotion like ours. The news of the first professional boxer’s debut was just unveiled, and it’s a momentous occasion.

Adonis Wilkins is all set to kickstart his professional career at the grand inauguration of Strict Biz Promotions—an event that marks history in its own right. Wilkins’ love for boxing ignited at the tender age of 11 within the hallowed walls of MVJ Athletics Training Center. His exceptional talent was quickly recognized by his trainers, who bestowed upon him the moniker “The New Iron Mike.” With an explosive inside fighting style, Wilkins showcased remarkable speed and power.

Yet, his path to becoming a professional boxer was fraught with challenges. Nevertheless, Wilkins is bound by a promise he made to his mother before her passing—a promise that instilled in him the belief that he had the potential to become a professional boxer. Wilkins carries her memory and that promise as his driving force. On November 4th, he will honor that promise, showcasing discipline, determination, and, above all, keeping his word.

Considering the formidable reputation of the soon-to-be pro, Adonis Wilkins, along with his unwavering determination and inspiring story, it’s clear that he has a luminous future ahead. But this assessment doesn’t just apply to Wilkins; it extends to the founders of Strict Biz, whose own stories, trials, and tribulations demonstrate that Strict Biz Promotions and its fighters will become a dominant force in the industry, starting November 4th and beyond. One thing is certain—we can hardly contain our excitement for what the rest of this event has in store for us.

Join us in this exhilarating journey:

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